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One of the best ways to make information on cross-training accessible to dancers is through workshops. 


The following workshops foundation workshops are 90 minutes in length. Creating custom workshops for your specific needs is also something I think is cool. Get in touch if you would like to book one or a series of workshops for your students.

Breathing for performance and recovery

Breathing… That thing we all know we need to do buy just can’t seem to wrap out autonomic nervous systems around. This workshop includes a discussion of why breathing matters and guides students through strategies to take ownership of their diaphragms and experience what optimal respiration feels like in their bodies.


Clarifying “core training”

The “core”- Another ambiguous term that is stressed to dancers to work on, and ironically, core training is often misunderstood and our efforts to strengthen our abs can become counterproductive to how we want our bodies to function in motion. In this workshop we discuss what the core really is, some “core concepts”, and experience several exercises to bring these concepts to life in the students’ bodies.

Reverse engineering a jump

Sometimes the best way to improve jump height is by owning the landing. In this workshop we break down the components of what happens when we land a jump, and how to harness the elastic, shock absorbent actions that take place throughout the entire body upon landing, and how these can get a bit lost when be become stuck in habitual patterns of moving due to the aesthetics of dance training.

Owning the off-season

The periods we spend off training, rehearsing, and performing are considered the “off-season”. Other athletes in sports understand the importance of using the off-season to recover, rehabilitate, and become stronger to kick more butt when they return to regular in-season activities. Dancers often don’t get an off-season, or, don’t make great use of it .This workshop aims to discuss the purpose of the off-season and explore strategies to get the most of it.


Final-CAPE Logo

I am co-founder of CAPE Movement workshops along side the fabulous Wensy Wong. Great for dancers, but we believe that all human beings should be able reap the rewards of moving mindfully, honestly, and establishing a daily movement practice. 

CAPE workshops combine mindfulness with movement, promoting self-exploration through the experience of fundamental human motion. CAPE isn’t a conventional group exercise class. As we often say, “don’t come to work out, come to work in”. Our workshops blend several movement styles with breathing and mindfulness techniques to, ultimately, provide you with the tools to create your own movement practice.

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