Work with Monika


Personal Training

Monika specializes in helping dancers become stronger, improve performance, and prevent injuries, but also works with non-dancers who want to improve fitness and strength, with a particular interest and expertise in helping people return to the activities they love post-injury.

To inquire about training with Monika please use this contact form with “personal training” in the subject line.


 Dance Stronger: Teacher Training Seminarcore training 2

With the quickly rising physical demands of dance, we aim to support dance teachers in providing their students a well-rounded education that will keep them dancing in a sustainable way. The Dance Stronger Teacher Training Seminar is based on concepts and exercises from the Dance Stronger training resource, and aims to introduce you to the tools that will enhance your skill set and scope as a dance teacher, and help your dance students reach their potential safely

GO HERE to see upcoming workshop dates, more info, and to register.


Join the Dance Stronger Training Community Online

dancestrongerlogoDance Stronger is a multimedia resource for dancers who want to learn how to start to strength train in a way that will help them improve their dancing while reducing chronic soreness and prevent injuries. This is a great way to start a training program if you can’t afford to train in person, or can’t find someone in your area who understands how to work with dancers.

Dance Stronger is available completely by donation, and includes a 150 page ebook, a 4 week training program with home or gym options, and a supportive online community to keep you accountable.

Emphasis is placed on correct breathing mechanics, choosing the appropriate variation of each exercise, and gives you the conceptual “why” and tools to ensure you can keep progressing, no matter your starting point or experience level. This program is also a great option for ice-dancers, gymnasts, other aesthetic athletes, but also for non-dancers with an interest in improving their movement quality and strength.

For more information on Dance Stronger, to get the first two chapters free, and to sign up, go here.


Thai Massage

Monika practices Thai massage at Bahn Thai Spa, with a special interest in Thai abdominal/Chi Nei Tsang.

Thai massage is a combination of passive stretching based on yoga postures combined with acupressure and energy line work. Sessions are done on the floor, fully clothed, and are a great way to release tight muscles, improve flexibility, or simply to relax and de-stress.

Monika has trained in Thailand, Toronto and Montreal with Lotus PalmAnahata, Ong’s Thai Massage School, Sunshine Massage School, Blue Garden, and Jack Chaiya, Felicity Joy, and practices in Toronto as a holistic practitioner. Monika is also a certified teacher of Thai massage through the internationally acclaimed Ong’s School of Thai Massage.

Monika also practices Chi Nei Tsang, or abdominal chi massage, a Tao based abdominal massage that works to detoxify and invigorate the organs, and release emotional and physical blockages to allow the body’s energy, or “chi”, to flow more freely.


1 hour: $90.00
90 minutes: $135.00

To schedule an appointment for Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang, or to learn Thai massage, please call 416.594.3406 or visit



Breathing workshop, December 2015 with York University dance students

Breathing workshop, December 2015 with York University dance students

Monika teaches workshops on various topics for dancers including optimizing breath, and core training. She also is co-founder of CAPE Movement, teaching experiential anatomy and movement workshops to help people from diverse athletic populations tap into their true human potential and release unnecessary tension. Please inquire via email about upcoming workshop dates or to host a workshop.