The other day I was just sitting around kind of bored at the Thai massage place where I work. It was a slow day and I was on call, so to pass the time I decided to write something.

If you’re like me, you have hundreds of random notes in your phone. Lists, dismembered thoughts, short embarrassing stories…

Once, while I was walking to a yoga class I wrote such a note, and it goes as follows:

Physical experuence od ones state of mind. Be brave eniugh to face it.

Typos and all, because I want to keep that moment pure. It’s really hard to type on an iPhone screen unless you have teeny little fingers. You get the jist of it though.

So that slow day, sitting bored and lost for what I could write about, I started looking through my phone notes for inspiration and found the above. I can remember that moment perfectly.

Long story short, I expanded that note into something that ended up getting published on elephant journal.

You can the whole thing here: Why I Don’t Do Yoga

Not a piece I would typically post on the DTP blog, but you know sometimes I write stuff that isn’t purely dance and fitness related. I think you’ll enjoy it all the same.

This piece gets a bit personal, but I think, if you have been practicing yoga for some years now, you’ll appreciate what I have to say. I’m no yoga teacher, but I’ve been practicing the Sivananda style for about 7 years, and it has since served me as both a barometer and a method for taking care of my mental and physical well being.

The title isn’t exactly what is seems. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Why I Don’t Do Yoga