Summer Strength Training: Dance Less, Dance Better

Have you started to think about what you’re doing this summer, dance-wise? If you’re going to Greece to perform in a really cool theatre project, like one of my dancers is, then I hate you. Just kidding. But if your plan is to attend random summer dance intensives just because you feel like you NEED TO DANCE MORE and you don’t really have any kind of progressive rhyme of reason to it- then I urge you to reconsider.

That brings me to the article that was published over at Dance Advantage today, written by yours truly (that’s me!). As a dancer, summer is your “off-season”. All athletes have an off season, but for some reason dancers are encouraged not to. Your teacher probably tells you to not get out of shape and so you dance as much as your schedule let’s you.

Why shouldn’t you get an off-season too? Why shouldn’t you have a plan for your summer training that will allow you to actually come back stronger in the fall, and not have just danced more. Off-season training is extremely important for building strength and structural balance that you don’t as  much time to work on while you’re focusing on technique and choreography.

Oh and just to shamelessly self-promote a lil’ it- I have a summer training program that can help you with your off-season strength training. Just sayin’…

But anyway, big thanks to Nichelle over at Dance Advantage for giving the the opportunity to share my words. You can check out my article here:

Have a Dance-Less Summer and Dance Better  <—(click here)


Yay 🙂