Dance Stronger- FREE 4 Week Program

** UPDATE: OCT 25/2015**

On Sept 11 2015, Dance Stronger got a complete overhaul. The former, free version of Dance Stronger is no longer available for sign-up, but you’ll like the new version so much better, I promise.

You can now find Dance Stronger at

The program has been expanded to include:

  • 150 page ebook
  • 4 week training program with gym or home option
  • Supportive online community
  • Video tutorials with full instruction
  • Full written instructions for each exercise
  • Video footage of a workshop series with York University dancers
Dance Stronger ebook

Read the first two chapters free

Dance Stronger is available by donation, because I know many of the dancers who need this resource the most are students, are on a tight budget, or simply find it hard to invest in themselves. Pay what you can, and what it’s worth to you, to get the tools to become stronger and dance pain-free.

Looking forward to seeing you in our community!

Read more about Dance Stronger HERE