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Dance Heals, Dance Hurts

What once hurt us must also heal us… This can be difficult to believe, but one side of the coin cannot exist without the other. Heads and tails are a package deal. We can get stuck in this mindset that … Continue reading

5 “Unconventional” Thoughts on Core Training

Here we go again… Monika rants about “core training”. Some more. Can you blame me? It’s like the universe wants me to talk about it. A few weeks ago was invited to lead a  core training workshop with a group of dancers at … Continue reading

A Reassuring Pain

My friend gave me a flower one morning. I kept it on my bicycle, and by the time I’d arrived at my destination, through 20 minutes of  heavy Chiang Mai traffic, it was, as expected, more withered, but still beautiful. … Continue reading

Unlocking the power of flexion and training spinal mobility

Over several years of movement screening, I’ve noticed a common pattern with nearly every (but not all) dancer: Missing spinal flexion, meaning, being unable to round your back (note that I’m referring primarily to the aspiring/pre-professional, college level, or competition … Continue reading

Just the Right Dose of Harm

Dance science research is always looking for ways to help dancers become injured less. “Why do dancers get injured?” Science can help, but science doesn’t dance. We can try to make predictions, but predictions are often imprecise. Predictions don’t prevent, … Continue reading


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