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I want you to know what core training for dancers should really look like (it’s not crunches…)

I’ve put together an awesome free PDF guide of the exact 7 exercises I teach my dancers to get a stronger core. Want to get it now? Click below and I’ll send it to your inbox, along with some other tips.

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How Training Human Movement (Rather Than Dancing MORE) Can Improve Your Dancing

With every foot step, every experience of the Earth through your foot; what sensory input are you taking in? What could you be missing out on? If there is a part of your foot that never makes proper contact with … Continue reading

Let’s Change How We Speak to Dancers About Injury Prevention

I’ll start by stating the obvious: Dancers get injured. A lot. Studies show us that the injury rate in dance is similar to that of collision sports and, while each study presents a different statistic, the injury rate is often … Continue reading

Is Ligament Laxity Running Your Life, Too?

First a note: This post is SO fitting for today, because while I started writing it last week, today I went to see my favourite chiro/body fixin’ specialist** who announced, “Today I’m going to reset your pelvic ligaments.” Goodyy! I … Continue reading

Test Your Dance Training and Fitness IQ [20 questions]

Test Your Dance Training and Fitness IQ [20 questions]
A few weeks ago I was in Pittsburgh for the 2015 International Association for Dance Medicine and Science Annual Meeting. This was my first IADMS conference, although I’ve been wanting to go since 2012 when I initially heard of the … Continue reading

5 Characteristics of a Great Rehabilitation Specialist

5 Characteristics of a Great Rehabilitation Specialist
There is a rather large list topics that I wish dancers were formally taught in the studio as supplementary workshops. And FYI, if you’re a dance student at York University in Toronto, I will be coming at you with a … Continue reading


Get my 13 favourite resources- books, research papers, etc- for dancers. Want the tools that will help you juice extra years out of your dance career? This PDF list will put you well on your way. Click the purple button below to get the list sent directly to your inbox.


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